Oil service in Tuscaloosa is easier than ever when you bring your vehicle to BMW of Tuscaloosa. Not only will our oil change specials save you money, but you’ll also be able to take advantage of the expertise of our highly skilled technicians.

With performance engines like the one found in your BMW, clean oil is a necessity. As your oil moves through the engine lubricating parts, it picks up fine metal shavings, dust, and other matter that gets deposited there. This is what you’re seeing when you check your oil and notice it’s turned dark instead of remaining the clear, golden hue when first added to your engine. All of this dirt and grime can clog moving parts and can also work as an abrasive to wear down parts over time. This is one reason that fresh oil keeps your engine from aging too quickly when driving around Northport, AL.

Clean oil also allows the engine to deliver better performance. Clean oil keeps parts from working harder than necessary, which both reduces friction and heat in your engine and helps it to use fuel more efficiently. You might put tens of thousands of miles on your vehicle each year, but even if you only drive it occasionally, it’s still a good idea to change your oil at least twice a year. Cars that aren’t driven will not burn off the condensation that accumulates in the engine. This can rust parts and enter into your oil system, degrading the oil itself. Regular changes can avoid this in cars that aren’t driven often.

At BMW of Tuscaloosa near Fayette, AL, we make sure you get the best BMW oil change possible by adhering strictly to the schedule laid out for your particular vehicle and by using the correct weight and blend of oil as suggested by the manufacturer. Our technicians are factory trained in every aspect of BMW service and ensure the best care possible for your vehicle whenever you visit. Take advantage of our oil change specials near Eutaw to save a bit extra when you bring your vehicle to us. Begin by requesting an appointment today!

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