BMW Dealer Houses Wide-Range of New, Used and Certified Pre-Owned Models

The BMW name has been held in high regard for decades. Their focus on quality is unparalleled as they continue to be at the forefront of innovation within the automtive industry. Our BMW dealership, located in Tuscaloosa, is proud to stock an array of popular new, used and certified pre-owned models.

From the moment you walk through our doors, our team will welcome you like one of our own. They will get to know you, understand your lifestyle and make recommendations on BMW models based on your wants and needs. They can explain the advantages and disadvantages of each model and help you narrow down your choices to the BMW of your dreams!

New BMW Options around Northport, AL

At the end of the day, there's nothing quite like buying a new BMW. It's a life event that folks can feel proud of. They get to own a coupe, car or SUV that is all their own and is in prestine condition. Not to mention, new BMW models tend to be equipped with the latest bells and whistles.

Are you looking for a professional sedan that makes an impression of effortless style and grace? Our team may recommend a new BMW 3-Series or new BMW 5-Series. These sedans have competitive performance standards, a slew of technnology features and offer advanced safety features that monitor the road around you for danger.

Our Used BMW Selection

If a new BMW is out of your price range then consider shopping our used selection. Some folks are nervous about buying used because they have heard horror stories of cars breaking down as soon as they drive off of the lot.

The difference between our dealership and the car dealerships in these stories is that we have integrity. We double check our BMW inventory to ensure that we only sell quality used BMW models that will be in your family for years to come. Buying used actually even has a few advantages. These advantages are:

  • Lower Sticker Price
  • More Car-Buying Options
  • Lower Rate of Depreciation
  • Same or Similar Features for Less
  • Only the Features You Want

If you're a budding family looking for a fair price on a luxury SUV then our team can take you through our lineup of used BMW X-Series models. Folks looking to merge city driving and off-road capabilieis may side with a used BMW X1 or a BMW X2. Others looking to maximize passenger capacity and cargo space may consider a BMW X5 or a BMW X6 instead. Car-buyers going the middle route might just fall in love with our used BMW X3 and BMW X4 options. 

Certifed Pre-Owned, The Other Car-Buying Option

A certified pre-owned BMW is technically a used BMW, except it comes with its own set of advantages. These BMW models tend to only be a few years old and are still at peak conditions. They allow shoppers the flexibility of a lower payment but still the peace of mind of knowing that you are buying a BMW at the height of its lifespan.

Our certified pre-owned BMW options have been checked by a team of automotive professionals through a rigour process to ensure their quality from our service center. Every aspect of your BMW is looked over and rechecked. But, if this doesn't give you peace of mind then you'll be happy to know that a certifed pre-owned BMW tends to come with a warranty. This warranty safeguards you if the unlikely happens and something goes wrong.

Test Drive Your Next BMW Today!

Once you've been through our inventory and explored your BMW options, ask our staff if they can schedule you for a test drive. This lets you get in the driver's seat and play with the technology features, test out its handling and truly make a confident car-buying decision.