If you're looking for a luxury sedan to drive around Tuscaloosa, Northport, or Starkville, AL, then you're probably curious about models like the BMW 3 Series and the INFINITI Q50. Both are popular sedans among local drivers like you, so you're sure to love the car you drive no matter which one you pick.

To help you decide which one you want to drive, the team at BMW of Tuscaloosa compared the BMW 3 Series and the INFINITI Q50. Check out our comparison here!

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BMW 3 Series vs INFINITI Q50 Connectivity Features

The BMW 3 Series and the INFINITI Q50 are built for the contemporary driver with modern commutes. So, they're well equipped to keep you entertained and connected during the whole drive. With features like Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™, you'll be able to interact with your favorite smartphone media apps through your vehicle's touchscreen display.

For example, you can listen to an audiobook on your way to work or hop onto a conference call, all while keeping your phone stored away and your hands safely on the wheel. You can also use apps like navigation, internet radio streaming, podcasts, and more.

Plus, both luxury sedans have an available integrated navigation system that can offer turn-by-turn directions to your next client meeting. The BMW 3 Series displays these directions on an 8.8-inch touchscreen, while the INFINITI Q50 has a slightly smaller, 8-inch screen.

Interior Features and Upscale Comforts

As you're cruising through town, you're sure to feel at home thanks to the upscale comforts, like leather seats, available in both the BMW 3 Series and the INFINITI Q50. In both sedans, you'll also be able to adjust your seat for maximum comfort and visibility, including adjustments for lumbar support and thigh extensions.

You can even use the memory feature to lock in your setting so you can return to it with the simple press of a button after someone else drives the car. This is useful after a trip to the service center or when using valet parking.  

The driver's seat in the BMW is adjustable up to 14 different ways, giving you the ability to be as precise as possible when adjusting your seat. The seat in the INFINITI can only be adjusted up to eight ways, so you may not be able to find that just-right setting as you would in the BMW 3 Series.

Performance and Efficiency From the BMW 3 Series and INFINITI Q50

We know luxury sedan drivers are looking for that high-powered engine experience, and with the BMW 3 Series and the INFINITI Q50, that's exactly what you'll get. Both sedans have an available or standard 3.0L V6 engine that delivers a turbocharged boost of power.

They both help you stay steady when the road gets rough, too, with available all-wheel drive (AWD) systems that adapt to changing roadway conditions. If you prefer a higher fuel efficiency, you can also stick with the standard rear-wheel drive (RWD) system.

Speaking of efficiency, the BMW 3 Series can get an EPA-estimated 26 city/36 highway MPG with its standard engine and RWD. The INFINITI Q50, on the other hand, falls short at an EPA-estimated 20 city/29 highway MPG under the same conditions. So, the INFINITI may have you stopping at the pump more often than you would in the BMW.

BMW 3 Series or INFINITI Q50: Take Your Pick

Now that you know how the BMW 3 Series and the INFINITI Q50 compare, it's time to make your choice. Will you drive the BMW 3 Series or the INFINITI Q50 around Northport, Tuscaloosa, and Starkville? If you're a fan of the BMW 3 Series, contact the team at BMW of Tuscaloosa and take it out for a test drive today!

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